Affiliate Program Database (APDB): Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program Database (APDB)

We are the team behind the “Affiliate Program Database” (APDB).

On the one hand, we serve affiliates.

Are you an affiliate marketer, content producer, publisher, blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, or influencer?

Whatever your title is, we want to help you find high-quality products and services to promote, and the highest paying affiliate programs to join.

We boost your efforts by providing these on our website:

  • Unbiased information; information section of affiliate programs on our website is dedicated to facts, not our opinions.
  • Reviews by experienced users; we don’t pretend as we have tried each program we list, we let experienced affiliates speak.
  • Q&A between affiliates and merchants; each affiliate has unique needs and each merchant has a unique operation, therefore we encourage real questions and honest responses.

Now, let’s find the most suitable affiliate program for you:

On the other hand, we serve merchants.

If you run an affiliate program, you can create or edit your vendor page on Affiliate Program Database:

Add/Edit Your Program

A little announcement: Do you want to join our community on Reddit? Anything and everything about affiliate marketing: r/AffiliateMarketing247




Affiliate Program Database (APDB):

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Affiliate Program Database (APDB):

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